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By Jack Barnes | United States
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I have signed up for this site over a year ago, and have been having what I would compare to the dating scene, a typical experience of eliminating bad matches from good matches. I have found that (if you are wise) dating these beautiful women costs about the same to communicate with these beauties as it would to take women out in your native country. Rather than taking these women out on dates, you are paying to communicate with them, through a translation service.
I have found that these women care about sincerity and love more so than the average American woman does. I have been out with American women before and after acquiring a traumatic brain injury which has left me disabled. I am a moderately attractive and handsome specimen (not to toot my own horn) and have found that these women do not care about such vanities. Most of them only care about love and if you will respect them. That is not to say they all have these endearing virtues, that is why it is just a matter of finding out who is sincere and who is not.
If you are not wise, or only have limited funds to allocate toward finding your soulmate then this site probably not for you. If you are only trying to have fun beautiful Asian women I would recommend a cheaper site. If you are genuinely sincere in your attempts to find a soulmate then gives you the advice necessary, you only need to read through their site.

I have done plenty of research to try and find out if this is a scam or not. I have found that and use some of the same women on their sites, and I have deduced that agencies in China can be subscribed to by some of the same women. It is impossible to say that I can know if one side or the other is more genuine, or if either of them are. According to my research however, there have been several actual marriages out of, which seems to be very happy.
I have been communicating with a woman who says that she will be coming to America in March, whether this site is good or bad, we shall see!

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