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Number of Members: 70,000
Online since: 2010
Jazzed is a new dating website sponsored by eHarmony. The goal of this site is "put the fun back into dating". creates sparks, by empowering you with the tools you need to quickly...More >>
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you have to pay
By Kuon | United States        2011-07-12
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For the first 90 days, it's free to contact with other members in But honestly speaking, it's impossible to establish a relationship in such a short time. So, if you want to continue communicating the one whom you contacted before, you have to pay.……More>>
Great new site
By Alex | United States        2011-06-14
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I recently joined Jazzed and have been impressed so far. The mobile app is really slick and for a new site they seem to have a steady stream of new members. When I first signed up the site was a little slow but that seems to be fixed now. Also, it seems like there are very few fake profiles and I really like that.……More>>
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