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Number of Members: 2.2 Million
Online since: 1998
eHarmony is the Internet’s No. 1 trusted relationship services provider, which boomed in 2000 and at present over 15, 000 interested singles partake in taking the eHarmony questioner each ...More >>
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By Satch | Paraguay        2011-09-14
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Not bad at all fellas and glalas. Thanks.……More>>
By lindy | Canada        2011-08-02
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When in the process of registration, you'll be asked to finish a questionnaire. It's eharmoney's main feature, compared to other dating sites. Some people think it is interesting. But in my opinion, it is just a device to cheat your personal detail such as telephone without a trace. Be careful.……More>>
By siyi | France        2011-04-18
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It's amazing that 250 eHarmony members marry every day in the US as a result of being matched on eHarmony on average. I can't believe that he success rate is so high. Is eHarmony really so popular in US?……More>>
By BLINBLIN | United States        2011-03-18
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Their ladies are crazy! I dated a lady and asked her to send photos to me. The photos were....made me stun.Adult content.. Nearly perverted. And she's 50 years old. OMG...……More>>
new member no bonus
By bee bear | United States        2011-03-07
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Long time ago, even you have not an eHarmony account, you can get a discounted membership from some promotional coupon. But now, the bonus is only given who have an existing account. Not new members.……More>>
By Ally Bush | United States        2011-02-25
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I was seeking a soulmate who can live with me for a life time. So I was tired of meeting time wasters after joining 7 dating sites. When I decided to give up online dating, eHarmony changed my mind. I told them what my ideal lady like. Then they send some carefully chosen women's photoes to me and helped me arrange dating. With their help, I finally seek my soul mate!……More>>
By showme | United States        2011-02-22
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As far as I know, eHarmony enjoys a great popularity in US though expensive. One friend who is 35 years old found a wife in eharmony's online dating. Now he is thankful to eHarmany and nearly be the free spokensman for this site. I decide to have a try then tell you my experience---……More>>
eharmony is expensive and have to wait for a long way to get matched
By Tom Nicolas | New Zealand        2011-01-20
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eHarmony is really more expensive than other dating sites as I think.One thing disrupting me using it is her long long work-flows to get Matched and I can't get touch the ones I like to contact.Hence, I don't like it at all~~……More>>
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