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Number of Members: 141,000
Online since: 1997
Established on Valentine's Day, 1997, has been around for more then a decade. Although it may not be as renowned as some of the super dating sites, also has more than a mil...More >>
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mobile feature
By Gill | New Zealand        2011-08-03
Rating on : has mobile chat room feature.Has anybody heard of it? So funny and convenient! Members can chat anywhere anytime,without sitting beside computer all day long.……More>>
By blue trumpt | United States        2011-03-29
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I joined this site not because its service but its ad. I saw it on a dating site by happen. There was a beautiful lady on it and the ad said next week she would be someone else' s girlfriend. It was funny and gave me great impression. So I registered...……More>>
By tt Jonh | Austria        2011-03-25
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I see some people made reviews that it's a faked site with no real profiles.I don't think has a free trial. People who don't believe it can have a try. Remember what you see is true.……More>>
time spending
By blue butterfly | United States        2011-03-08
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The match process is tedious. This site doesn't give you instant matches like some other dating sites. Instead, you have to enter the age range you're looking for and your region. gives you a long list to sift through to determine who you have what in common with. Not Automatic at all. For me, this way is time spending.……More>>
By Angla | Belgium        2011-02-28
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It is not the first dating site I join. But it's different. When occurring a dating sacm, most dating sites may pretend nothing happen and delay over and over agian. It's impossible to get back money from them. Hoever, respects user's feeling, if you meet Date scam, write a letter to Technical Support Service. They'll deal with it timly.……More>>
precious love
By Forget | United States        2011-02-25
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I experienced a precious love on At the beginning, I just want to play, not serious. Because my girlfriend betrayed me, I want to revenge her and seek some happiniess here. I meet a girl on this site. She help me get rid of sadness. And I love her step by step. Now I know who is the most important to me.……More>>
By Paul P | Belgium        2011-02-21
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I met my girl friend on and kept communicating for nearly 3 monthes. But recently I lost her information. This makes me feel disappointed about online dating. Does there really exist successful online dating story??……More>>
4 star
By Sunshine man | Canada        2011-01-20
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This site has 10 years histories.Though old, it follows the times. I find the site is customer-oriented . Most dating sites target the ladies only by age. but is different. You can search the ladies by location, interests, and other personal preferences.Because of the strong targeting method , single man can find the one he loves more accurately. And it saves People's ……More>>
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