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Just a Cool dating site hoping to have fun and help you find a great person. From Friends to Lovers, its all possible on has been around for more than a decade...More >>
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By Arsheen | Seychelles Is.        2012-09-08
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i'm agreed with all Win Girls, you are the best!. One slgine advise folks, looks after romantic girls who defenition about romantic facts dosen't mean doings only goes to her. (Of course romantic doings is not equal to anything about sex feedback!! okey??). If it dosen't work in both ways, then i'm sorry but obviously mean that she is not in love with you so could leave you at……More>>
By Delia | Holy see (Vatican City State)        2011-09-19
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Okay I'm convinced. Let's put it to aitocn.……More>>
everyone hate singlesnet?
By mij53 | United States        2011-03-23
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singlesnet is pretty good. I found a girlfriend there, it worked well for me. .……More>>
By Nick | United States        2011-03-07
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peoples, it is a scam! I had a profile on singlesnet just to see what the site was all about. i did not pay for full membership fortunately. the site will spam you! they send pics of women who even don't belong to the site! yes they are from all the porn sites, and many more!!just avoid this site! its that easy!……More>>
No free service at all!
By Charles Reed | Australia        2011-02-23
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All that you can do is wink unless you become a paid member. Yes you can send flirts, but for limited, you can receive and read emails? thats b.s. You can receive them for free, but you can't read them. They also said you can create your own profile for free, yes but you can't post it. No free service at all!……More>>
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