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Christian Cafe is one of the largest Christian singles site on the Web. It is the Internet service where Christian singles can meet, find friend, make dating or just communicate. Here you ca...More >>
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By Y.Y Juicy | United States        2011-03-08
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One of the famous Christian Dating site,be a member for quite a long time as me,I felt disappointed.Many men emailed me or sent instant message to me.However,their behavior is a far distance away from a real Christian act.Some of them are quite aggressive, abusive & arrogant.I just want to start a peaceful conversation with a gentleman first before we can start a deepen relatio……More>>
By Brant ville | Australia        2011-01-19
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I rather enjoy the site's warm-hearted design. People can feel a kind of relax when browsing It focuses on Christian Dating. At the beginning, I was recommended to here by one friend who find his wife on this site. The site shows there are over 1500 dating scuccess stories. So if you want to find a sincere lover, maybe you can have a try.I want to tell every……More>>
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