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Online since: 2002 is a dating site for classy, attractive, and affluent people. The successful men using this site are looking for someone who can appreciate what they have to offer, and conve...More >>
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By Larry | Saint Lucia        2012-09-08
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There are plenty of free sites just glgooe it. It all depends on what your looking for. I invested a small fee in a site and I was rewarded with dinners,movies and concerts(of course you know our first meeting has to be in a public place)if we cant go out in public then this person wasnt for me. Good luck……More>>
By Arlunya reilly | Australia        2011-07-22
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I'm a young attractive australian woman looking basically looking for an older male who's willing an wanting to be pampered by a gorgeous younger woman……More>>
it's useless
By Barbie | Australia        2011-03-29
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I signed up two months ago. Yes, I paid the membership fee after receiving about 40 mails in the very first 3 days. All those are cheap old men who only look for sex. Many men can't even afford taxi fee, let alone being a real sugar daddie. This site is not worth to waste your time.……More>>
good playground
By John | United Kingdom        2011-03-14
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I was once a sugar daddy, most of women there are not so highly attractive as expected, I loved the site though. By the way women, don't go to this site if you're just a regular woman who want to marry a rich man, those men never need to go on sites to find such women like you. No men there are looking for true love and dedicating their lives to make you women happy. All they n……More>>
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