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Number of Members: 94,000
Online since: 2002
PerfectMatch is one of the titans of the online dating service. It's a wonderful choice for those is not meant for casual daters, but potential match. The Duet Total Compatibility System of ...More >>
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By Mona | South Africa        2012-09-08
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popularTop free online , daitng sites?Hi, I am looking for a free ?Anyone know a popular that offer free daitng service? I heard that there are some popular that offer free services. any answer is very much appreciated. Thank you very much.……More>>
Worth the price, wait and time
By Christopher | United States        2011-12-21
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I believe this site has been worth my time, my long wait for the love of my life and my money. If you are a dedicated to finding someone to share the rest of your life with PerfectMatch is the place to go. Yes it does initially appear to be pricey, but once you find someone to spend your life with there is no price tag on love. Yes it takes some time to invest in dating and get……More>>
Great Site - Not a Scam
By Kelsey J. | United States        2011-11-23
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I am proof that this site is not a scam. I used this site, and was successful. Not evreyone responded to my ice breakers, but a few people did and that was enough for me to realize that those who didn't respond were probably just not interested in me. I am guilty myself of not responding to someone who I didn't think was my "perfect match". Perfect Match is definietly real, eas……More>>
By Lorin | Kyrgyzstan        2011-09-13
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Too many comlpiments too little space, thanks!……More>>
By Kent | Canada        2011-03-07
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Totally disappointment, considering all of hype. Limited choices for women and after one month of searching and sending icebreakers, not a single person has responded. I, have no way but begin to wonder if any of these profiles are real.……More>>
It's totally ripoff
By Laura | United States        2011-01-20
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Too bad I cant get my money back. You'll only find most of profiles without photos, there is no way to tell if a member is active or not, and you gonna forever receive matches who have no personality match with you!! WHAT A RIPOFF!……More>>
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