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Number of Members: 400,000
Online since: 2000 is a great way to meet other Filipino people online. Weather you are looking for romance, love or friendship, can help you find a match tha...More >>
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create personal blog on it
By Jordan | Philippines        2011-09-02
Rating on FilipinoFriendFinder :      
I notice this dating site has a special service that you can create your personal blog on it. Certainly it can make members learn each other better and get more match chance. Now, FilipinoFriendFinder is more like a social network.……More>>
By Ckaka | Spain        2011-03-30
Rating on FilipinoFriendFinder :      
It says it's a single dating site and lists a lot of Philippine ladies' photos. I keep communicating with one of them. She's 20 and I believe she hasn't got married because the age is not big. But I was cheated. She's not a single. She said she would divorce for me. I don't believe her and this site anymore.……More>>
give me good luck
By TOLO | United States        2011-03-18
Rating on FilipinoFriendFinder :      
Philippine ladies are good cooks and diligent. I am a car driver and have 2 small children need sombody to take care. Last year I divorced. So I intend to find a Philippine wife who know English. Hope this site can give me good luck.……More>>
difficult to cancel subscriptio
By Rob | United States        2011-03-11
Rating on FilipinoFriendFinder :      
It is very difficult to cancel subscription. I don't know who used my email to register this site before. I got tons of letter in one day. Then I wrote letter to FilipinoFriendFinder to cancel this service. And waited a week to get this done.……More>>
have fun
By from Philippines | Philippines        2011-03-04
Rating on FilipinoFriendFinder :      
This site brings much joy to me and my friends. Not only can you find dating here, but also you can make a lot friends. It differs form other dating sites which only allow rich man coming from western countries to join. People from other countries can have fun too.……More>>
in Progress
By sweetmess | Canada        2011-02-24
Rating on FilipinoFriendFinder :      
After last failure marriage, I am serching for a Philippine wife now. They said Philipppine ladies are obedience and loyal to husband. The most impotant pioint is, they know English. There are many Finlipino dating sites on the network. But Seldom has a scale as big as FilipinoFriendFinder. I keep communicating with a girl on FilipinoFriendFinder now. She's real.……More>>
not real
By ALLY Lee | Singapore        2011-02-22
Rating on FilipinoFriendFinder :      
There are many women on this site who appear to be active but you will never see them in chatting status. Someday there were lady A, lady B,lady C in chat room. Several days later, you'll find them in chatting status again! The same people! It seems the chatting members are fixed. Are they hired by the site?……More>>
Loved a Philippine girl
By teddy bear | Australia        2011-01-20
Rating on FilipinoFriendFinder :      
Based on my experience, I don't like Philippine ladies.But it's just personal opinion. I met a girl from Philippine from this site and create a relationship. But later,I found she kept contact with other men at the same time.It made meunhappy.FilipinoFriendFinder has online magazine with many interesting articles. I broke up with my ex girl friend. But I am using to read this m……More>>
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