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Number of Members: 5,000
Online since: 1987
Lavalife is one of the most comprehensive free online dating services available and has a particularly heavy presence in North America.Lavalife is divided into three unique communities: dati...More >>
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looking for love
By joyfive | United States        2012-01-04
Rating on Lavalife :      
it good i like because it make me feel good all the time it help me to me friend here i all always enjoy here all the time to meet people here and my lover one here that why i like her……More>>
looking for love
By joyfive | United States        2012-01-04
Rating on Lavalife :      
i,m looking for love a man to love and have kids with me and live happy with and have time with all the time man who is good working job proving for the family to take the family out all the time……More>>
Hot Summer activity
By hot summer | Belgium        2011-08-10
Rating on Lavalife :      
Has anybody heard of Lavalife's Hot Summer activity? It's worth trying! Members can save 50% off any subscription with coupon code HOTSUMMER. I think Lavalife has made a great dicision. so people hurry up!……More>>
instant messaging
By muray | United States        2011-04-06
Rating on Lavalife :      
I just want to find out lavalife's membership cost. It seems not expensive..and wow, 6 credits can purchase 20 minutes' instant messaging! It's better than writing emails. I think the cost of lavalife is cheaper than others.……More>>
Good for me
By reynolds | Spain        2011-03-23
Rating on Lavalife :      
I experienced 4 times of unforgettable love on Lavalife. Though all ended with failure, I still think this dating site is good for me. As somebody mentioned above, its mobile message exchanging is really perfect. And the cost isn't huge, just 0.5 dollars per message.……More>>
By L.LLL | United States        2011-03-16
Rating on Lavalife :      
I think Lavalife has changed their style. Now it concentrates on sex dating. I am a traditional person. The ideal Dating site in my dream is some kind of seriousness. But now online dating is driven crazily by money. And sex is the most direct way to earn money. Nowadays people can hardly find a serious dating site.……More>>
used to be good
By Gorman | United States        2011-03-02
Rating on Lavalife :      
Long time ago, Lavalife was good for single man who want to find a nice lady. When sent something on IM, most women would reply. There is no doubt that they were real. But recently, Lavalife' women member grew quickly. Their admirers bought their IM but couldn't get any answer. The profile were fake.……More>>
Just wonder
By Rice | United States        2011-02-24
Rating on Lavalife :      
I find a lady whom I am really interested in on Lavalife and I am going to purchase her IM address. But I recall one friend 's real experience: he keeps contacting with a girl in a dating site via email for a long time. Later, he intended to buy the lady's IM address. But the girl never reply him by IM as if she don't know the man. So, he has to write email to get contact with ……More>>
By Louise | Greenland        2011-02-23
Rating on Lavalife :      
With a hope that it's a lava place, I registered this site. Lavalife has rare women in my living blog. But I did hook up one. I was actually in a long term relationship with her and intend to marry soon. I am thankful to the site's help!……More>>
Mobile message exchanging function
By Thom | Belgium        2011-02-16
Rating on Lavalife :      
I Like its Mobile message exchanging function because I receive ladies' reply timely via this.Not too much dating sites function. The things disappointing is there's no monthly subscription fee in this site and the member number is not large.……More>>
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