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Asiame is one of the most popular online communication platforms worldwide. is a Asian dating site that helps global members to find a great relationship with Asian singles.Here y...More >>
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The woman are amazing!!!
By David | Armenia        2018-01-26
Rating on Asiame :      
Asiame is very well but kind of restrictive. I just don’t like the chat feature. It would affects the woman who have signed up for the site as many are left wondering why someone has not emailed them back. I like the EMF mail, to express my love and care in long, and could understand the lady much better with the translation.……More>>
Superb meeting place “wow”
By Jay | France        2018-01-25
Rating on Asiame : is the best dating site so far, through this site I found love from all walks of life of which, some are near me and within my country. I meet a girl from the site, we decided to know one another more, and we have planned to meet physically but with the help of this site.……More>>
Gegorous asian women
By Garry | Armenia        2018-01-23
Rating on Asiame :      
Gegorous asian women! I want to find a Asian girlfriend.The best service in Asiame i have tried is Live chat. I talked about Asian culture with women,like some Chinese food.I have a great time.……More>>
Thanks a lot
By Mason | American Samoa        2018-01-22
Rating on Asiame :      
Yes,it was my first time to use Asiame to find someone.At first,i don't know how to search the ladies.And i ask the customer,they are so friendly,and teach me to search.Now i find a woman who is 35 years old.And we have the common interest.……More>>
Place to discover love & companionship
By COOL | Aruba        2018-01-19
Rating on Asiame :      
I have been single for a long time and I thought it was time to back there. So I started with online dating, it’s a lot easier for me. However since I visited early this year, I found it so different from other sites. The members seem beautiful and kind. Hope I can find luck here……More>>
A lots of girls here
By Brico | American Samoa        2018-01-17
Rating on Asiame :      
There are a lots of girls in like it.I think you can have a try.

You will have a special experience talking with Asian girls.They are beautiful,gorgeous,charming and easy-going.……More>>
Easy Use Dating Site
By Logan | Mexico        2018-01-17
Rating on Asiame :      
I am Looking a Asian Dating Site. It is a really useful Dating site for the guy interested Asian girl. The Site Got a little bit old fashion, but still easy to use……More>>
Happy moments
By Kenneth | Croatia        2018-01-17
Rating on Asiame :      
Currently building a nest or a house is hard as well as finding friendship and love. But since this site was introduced, things have been easy for people like me. I have found a lovely woman, but we are still building friendship, hopefully, it will be something more than just being friends.……More>>
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