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Asian Love Line
Number of Members: 2000+
Online since: Not cle
It's an Adult online dating site. The key features of Asian Love Line are the ability to search specifically for the right Asian woman for you. Searching capabilities include: location, age,...More >>
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By Jomar | Venezuela        2012-09-08
Rating on Asian-Love-Line :      
Lovely Asian ladies looinkg forward to meeting you. Intelligent and professional busy ladies, teachers, nurses, secretaries, etc. Go to the website listed above right corner!……More>>
By Destry | Kazakhstan        2011-09-13
Rating on Asian-Love-Line :      
This has made my day. I wish all ptosings were this good.……More>>
Sex not Serious
By Doug Green | United States        2011-03-07
Rating on Asian-Love-Line :      
I jumped to this site by above link but all the girls there are naked.What a disappointed site and it is not serious for the men who really wanna find a wife.If you just want to play Asians and have fun,it maybe your choice.But it does not fit me well.……More>>
By millive | Austria        2011-01-19
Rating on Asian-Love-Line :      
So many hot ladies without clothes on this site! What do they intend to do? I click their ad and go to the homepage and I find all of the ladies are form the same place. Are they fake or based my ip address? Anyway, I think the ladies data on this site is doubtful……More>>
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