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Online since: 1997 is THE BEST Jewish dating service in the United States and even one of our FAVORITE dating services online!The available Jewish singles on JDate are well educated, sexy, and afflue...More >>
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By Neha | Ireland        2012-09-07
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Qbaby Forever'ah Gonekeepitreal has got the Crip movement popipn in Virginia on face book,on the streets, and she is looking for someone to get money with. Her hustle game is of the chain, and she is getting money like it is going out of style……More>>
By Joo | United States        2011-08-18
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I am proud to say that I have finished the registration because it's really a time wasting work and I think there're not too many people as patient as I am. Luckily, it's worth joining it. As far as I know, it's the most professional Jewish dateing site.……More>>
price going up
By equel | Holy see (Vatican City State)        2011-04-14
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It's said that Jdate will increase its membership fee. Has anybody heard of it? As a long-term member, I hope it gives some discount to me. Since I joined this site, I spent a lot time and money as well. But I am still single. What a pity!……More>>
very poor
By Growm | United States        2011-03-29
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Jdate just has 2 levels of membership: Free or Paid. I hate its free membership because as a free member, you can nearly do nothing, just like window shopping. You can see others' profile but you can't communicate with them. You can't read mail....all in all,this site like money very much.……More>>
met a lady who is not Jewish
By seven | United States        2011-03-15
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Not all people registering Jdate are Jewish. I met a lady who isn'. But she like to chat, laugh and argue,the same as Jewish. I have a lot topic sharing the same interest with her. So I don't mind developing a relationship with her though I wanted to find a Jewish wife before.……More>>
By Annoying | United Kingdom        2011-03-02
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I have been a member of this site for nearly a year. I am going to cancel my account because the giving and getting are not balance. But it seems a little trouble to cancel it. I wrote letter to them letter. No reply. I had to call them. Annoying.……More>>
stay neutral
By ISACC | United States        2011-02-28
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When it comes to my attitude toward this site, I stay neutral. The disadvantage are:The staff of JDate will edit your profile data such as racy or marriage status that they think inappropriate. The email message seems spaming. The advantages are: It has lager number of members. Very low fake profile. The function is user friendly and easy to use.……More>>
not serious
By H new | United States        2011-02-23
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I signed Jdate few days ago and chatted with a girl. She spent all time on talking tedious things as if she didn't know it would waste my money and time. From then on I hoped to find a serious dating site with everyone focusing on dating.……More>>
Good for Jewish Date
By Ala | United States        2011-02-17
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JDate means Jewish Date. It is highly suitable for me to find a Jewish parter. To say JDate is the best Jewish dating service is not exaggerating. The scale of it is much lager that other similar dating sites in US. It's really popular among my friends. To some people, maybe the membership of it is a little expensive, but it worth to have a try because members on JDate are car……More>>
By asdfasd | Algeria        2011-01-19
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Please confirm that your review is based on your own experiences, is informative and to the point.asdfasPlease confirm that your review is based on your own experiences, is informative and to the point.asdfasPlease confirm that your review is based on your own experiences, is informative and to the point.asdfas……More>>
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