The site is fine, the agencies are the problem.

By Adam | United Kingdom
Rating on CharmDate

I decided to use this site after previously using Chnlove in 2006.
The site is set up to maximise the site owner's profit. He has no duty of care to you.
The agencies use your eagerness to have contact with girls to make money from you

As usual I have been bombarded by contact from supermodels, girls more than 20 years younger than me, very tall girls (I'm not tall), single mums (which I have excluded in my profile preferencing) etc.
My profile has my name in CAPITALS and so every introduction letter starts with my name in capitals, a clear sign that the agencies just cut and paste my name into the pre-prepared letters they have on file (probably written for each girl they have on their agency database).
I have received introduction letters months apart from the same girl ... exactly the same letter word for word.
The live chat is a total waste of time. These girls are not online, it is definitely the agencies trying to attract interest in their girls. I know this because two girls I write to have started trying to chat with me. Later In their letters they said that the agencies open their profiles online etc etc. I believe only the agencies get a cut of the money.

The truth about air travel is that it is only really possible to get to Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv and Donetsk. By international standards most of the cities are not accessible to foreigners. The agencies in cities like Luhansk, Poltava and Mykolaiv will bombard you because they have the hardest time getting you over to meet with the girls. Most if not all of this contact will originate from the agencies and not the girls.

Now I'll tell you about my recent experience meeting a girl in the middle of February.
I was so concerned before I got my flight that I nearly didn't travel. The girl seemed to go off radar and I suspect that the communication process between myself, the girl and the agency got in a mess. I blame the agency.
The meeting went ahead. The girl's photos had obviously been improved because in the flesh she had poor teeth and was no longer slim (but not fat). I had asked her for non studio photos which she sent. Most likely these were the ones before she started eating and she smiled with her mouth closed!! She clearly hadn't absorbed much of my letters to her and was asking questions she should have not needed to. It appears she thought I was OK but didn't want to move things forward. Fair enough. I was disappointed in her too. A bad date and not the site's fault.
But after the date, then the problem with the agency starts. They want you to see their other girls on the database, so I do and none of them tick my boxes. The agency gets irritated that I'd rather be by myself than waste my time with a plain girl or single mum. I pass the time of day and come home. Ordeal over.

When I was in the agency a girl there showed me her photos and videos of her engagement and wedding to an American. It was all genuine looking. I saw her rings and understood she was going through the complex visa process as she had children. So a week after I get home I'm surprised that she begins to introduce herself on the live chat!! Two days later I get an introduction letter from her. This is clear proof that the agency is playing games.

So my advice to you (take it or leave it) ...
The agencies will do anything to get your money
The more time you spend on the site, the more money you spend. The site is set up to create your addiction.
Always get proper photos from the girl and ignore the studio shots
Ignore the girls in bikinis and lingerie .... it's just bait to waste your money for a few weeks.
Ignore the supermodels and teenagers / young girls, they're also bait to waste your money
Ignore the girls that don't speak English .... harsh but you rely on the agency to be honest in their dealings, the agencies will get more money if you need a translator all the time.
Ignore the girls from the smaller cities, you won't go there and they aren't interested in you to make your travel worthwhile
Ignore live chat from someone you are not communicating with.
Ignore girls who say they love you. They only love money and sleep.
As Ukrainian girls love sleep, they will not be online 24/7. Ignore girls who are always online.
Don't spend weeks and weeks sending lots of letters and spending your money. Ukrainian girls will not tell their life story to a strange man on the internet.
Pick a time to travel, a city of interest, spend two or three weeks communicating with three or four girls, arrange some meetings and travel. Less time and money will be wasted this way.
Don't for a second think that Ukrainian girls are interested in your letters. They only become interested in you once you meet ... and only if they like you when you meet.

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April 12th,2012 at 6:19 AM
By Mutiara | Bangladesh
I too am a shy person. I go to the bars, no guys come up and talk to me. I'm not going to go up to them so I guess it's just not going to go arenhywe right?? I didn't get to go out much so how was I going to ever meet anyone that met my standards??? I saw a commercial on TV for I liked the advertisement so what the hay? I signed up!!! 5 months went by and still no luck. About two weeks ago I got an email that changed everything. I met this amazing guy who lives 5 minutes away from me in the same city of course!! Great already! I too am only 22. My guy's mother met her boyfriend on Match. My new guy also has a friend who met his wife on there. And I have another buddy who met his girlfriend on there. A lot of people are on dating sites that you know! They just don't want to admit it because they are embaressed! This site work for the most part. You have to put your foot through the door and attempt to meet people. I say do it! Don't let anyone tell you other wise! It works!!! Match has a 6 months FREE guearentee if you don't find anyone in 6 months!! Do it!!! Good Luck!!
December 20th,2012 at 11:03 PM
By David Chris Castillo | United States
Adam of United Kingdom, was the girl who smiled with her mouth closed a blonde 164cm,50kg named Alisa working in Kiev as an office manager for a company store that sold appliances & electronics? Did she live on the 5th floor of a 9 story 1-room rented apartment that she shared with another girl(room mate). Did she have a cat named Evita? Was she about 24-25 years of age when you met her? Did she have a college education-Master's degree from her home town of Dnipropetrovs'k? Did she complain about being poor, earning low wages? I'm curious because this is girl I'm currently corresponding with for past 2 months since October.
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