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Number of Members: 500,000
Online since: 2002 is an online community created specifically for African American singles, to make new friends or to find a life-long partner that shares similar values, traditions and belie...More >>
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By Malana Long | United States        2013-08-07
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I've made the mistake to pay for membership a few days ago and haven't received one response from anyone. Is this a real and reputable website or am I being scammed?……More>>
Cheap but Cheat
By Anna Sue | United States        2011-03-07
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Seems like the membership fee is cheap,it really sucks because it just waste time. I can't get what I was expecting for.Whenever I sign on the site,I can only see very few members online and were always the same people.It is weird for me. I am a young black girl and most of the guys online are 40+.Now i think i found out the truth why the price is so low.……More>>
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