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Love Me
Number of Members: 40,000
Online since: 1995 is an online community where can help you meet Russian Women Latin Women and Asian women of your dreams. The most interesting thing behind LoveMe.Com is that each of the founders;...More >>
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single tour
By kingkong | United States        2011-07-18
Rating on Love-Me :      
Loveme announced that the single tours including odessa, kiev, medillin,China and other Russian areas will be held in July. Has anybody signed up for this? I also have interest of it. Who can send me some details?……More>>
Tour Service
By JEddy | France        2011-04-18
Rating on Love-Me :      
Tour service is Love Me's biggest feature. I have attended their tour and I guess it brings great profit to Love me. Maybe it's the reason why it ignores exploring new services when other dating sites promoting web cam chat, instant chat and other new products.……More>>
simple dating site
By Aurora | United Kingdom        2011-04-01
Rating on Love-Me :      
This dating site just has some basic services such as email, flower..But the member is amazing! I think if it don't make some innovation, it will be outdated soon.……More>>
By Kenddy | United States        2011-03-16
Rating on Love-Me :      
I don't like this site because it requires member to pay so call "activation fee" --nearly $100. And you have to give them money every month afterwards. Even you do so, you may not find a lady successfully at last. So don't believe it.……More>>
just say something
By teddy bear | Sweden        2011-03-02
Rating on Love-Me :      
I am dating with a girl on Love me now.But just online. I plan to fly to her next Sunday.Now I am a little exciting and nervous.I don't know what to do.So I looking around to find some suggestion.When I saw this review here, I think I have to say something about Love me.……More>>
Tour Service
By LQ | Canada        2011-02-28
Rating on Love-Me :      
When I told my friend I wanted to find a hot Russian baby, he said Love me was the most popular Russian dating service and recommended me to join Love me's Tour Service. So I attended serveral times of Loveme's tour with Russsian ladies. Although I haven't a girl friend now, it's really a wonderful time with them. They are talkative, outgoing and cute. I have made a lot of Russ……More>>
Lucky one
By Miller | France        2011-02-24
Rating on Love-Me :      
The ladies' profiles of Loveme update frequently. Although it's said that some of them are inactive, the active ones are really hot and sexy. With the help of Loveme, I successfully met my Miss right whom I communicated for 3 months. She's willing to marry me and move to my hometown.I am the lucky one!……More>>
Balding man
By Balding man | Canada        2011-02-16
Rating on Love-Me :      
The things intrigues me most is that "If you opt to go on their tours (most popular), you will find that many of the women who are there do not appear on the Internet. " Do the ladies temporarily appear just for the sake of the tour? well..……More>>
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