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Number of Members: 50 million
Online since: 2010
Koopa is a new Online Dating site with deep social media integration. It's a Free online dating site with no strings attached or membership fees to pay. Koopa brings you online dating, singl...More >>
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By LOOKING FOR LOVE | Belgium        2011-05-18
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Koopa is cool! Most dating sites only allow members to upload pictures. It is not vivid and to most of people, it can not meet their content. With Koopa, members can upload videos instead of pictures in their profile. I did so. It made my profile more attractive. I received more than 10 love letters from ladies. Great!……More>>
By Rinie | Cameroon        2011-05-06
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"Koopa is a new Online Dating site with deep social media integration."It seems a wonderful site! But why can't I open it? Just now I tried to registered it but an error happened. Does the site only accept US members?..……More>>
By SD | Belgium        2011-04-25
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Koopa is an integrity of dating sites and business sites. But I don't like it. First of all, love and business don't have any similarities. It is strange to combine them together. Secondly, I don't want other friends to know whom I am dating with before the relationship is established.……More>>
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