First Date

By victoria      2012-10-25

For the first date with girls, gentlemen who have never fallen in love any lady tend to be exciting and even don't know what to do, what to talk, etc. In a matter of fact, with regarding to the first date there are many things women and men should pay great attention to for the prospective wife or husband. Here are some suggestions for guys' first date with girls who they met by means of online dating.


Show Your Attention

Apart from listening to the lady you meet for the first time carefully and answering her attentively, what do I mean? Put the mobile phone away. Make her feel important and show her some type of interest. It’s really annoying when you’re constantly on your phone. Even if you’re having a better time chatting on Facebook or texting than you’re having on the date. And women want the feeling of importance to the man they have interest in lasting relationship.

Be A Good Conversationalist.

If a girl has a lot to say with the man they meet, there are great possibilities that she is into the man. One of the tricks to having a great first date is to be a good conversationalist.You are more likely to get a second date with that special someone if they enjoyed spending time with you. Get to know some popular topics. These fun and free ideas are sure to promote conversation between you and your date. Talk about funny things and make your lady happy and smile.

Act As A Gentleman.

In the past, chivalry was very popular. With the modernization of society, some people think we don't need it. Contrary to popular belief, we still like gentlemen and there are still gentlemen in this world. Hopefully the guy who still does things like opens doors for his girl, puts his jacket over her shoulders when she is cold, or even walks on the curbside of the street are highly praised by women. It’s the little things that count. If she notices the guy being chivalrous, she will acknowlege his efforts with some appreciation. So do those things for your lady.

Have A Safe Dating

Since you meet you lady on the Internet, there may be a long way from your hometown to hers. Though there are few scams, safety is the most important no matter what you do. So check those dating safety tips. If meeting your online date requires long-distance traveling, you need to be careful and smart in case. Make sure someone at home knows your travel plans and schedule. If you're arriving at your destination by plane, do not accept a ride from the person you're meeting and don't agree to stay in their home. Instead, arrange for your own rental car or taxi and stay in a hotel. Do not disclose the location of the hotel until you've met the person and established a level of trust. However, if you are very familiar with the lady, believe in her. Otherwise, you may lose your perfect life partner and even hurt her with your doubts and disbelief.

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