Interracial Dating

By michelle      2011-01-18

Interracial dating has not always been highly accepted in our society, but it has come along way towards acceptance now. The dynamics of this type of relationship are complex and have more variables than a non-interracial relationship. When you meet the interracial dating and relationship, you may remember following do's and don'ts.

Interracial Dating Do's:

• Show respect for differing opinions. You can be passionate about your beliefs while allowing others the right to their individual worldview.

• Be upfront and clear about your dating objective. Are you looking for a casual relationship? Marriage? Starting off with similar goals in mind can make for greater dating success.

• Be attentive. Talking all over your date or zoning out is sure fire way to appear self centered and is a huge date killer.

• Turn off your cell phone! Answering a ringing phone is disruptive, rude, and unless you are a trauma doctor, inexcusable.

• Dress to impress. Showing up well groomed and looking nice makes your date feel appreciated and valued.

Interracial Dating Don'ts:

• Never start a conversation with "Why do you people?" No matter how well intentioned the question, it will appear racist and put your date on the offensive.

•Leave religious and political topics alone. Knowing where someone stands on the issues is important, but the first few dates are not the time to bring them up

• Don't make assumptions. Disregard tall tales and racial stereotypes; look at your date as an individual.

• Never treat your date like a flavor of the week. One guy had exclaimed to us, "I also want to date an Asian girl and a Hispanic girl before I get married." Gee, glad I could oblige your checklist...

• Never treat your date like an escort. A man once asked me to come to the back door of his home so no one would know he was dating a black girl. We gave him a not so polite "No". If you are not in a place where you would be proud to be seen in public with your companion, then you may not be ready for interracial dating.

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February 16th,2011 at 6:44 AM
By Elf | Netherlands
Interracial Dating has become more and more common in daily life though there're always some great debates on the internet. I think there should not exist prejudice between people and people.In front of love, culture and racial difference is nothing.
March 2nd,2011 at 7:18 AM
By lissy | Sweden
I think interracial couple's children are lovely and beautiful. Some scientists say their IQ are higher than normal children. So I don't against interracial dating. I hope to have a Interracial marriage too.
November 28th,2011 at 2:08 PM
By Cathleen | Uruguay
Too many complmietns too little space, thanks!
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