Russian Dating Tips

By victoria      2012-06-25

Dating single Russian women has been a difficult thing for many western gentlemen who want Russian wife. Read through this article and get aware of the things you must know if you date with one girl of Russian descent.

Russian History

According to the traditions of Russia, men work out and women stay at home.  Women should take care of the whole family, such as giving birth to children, raising them, cooking and cleaning for her children and her husband. As Russia has become more developed and liberal, the family value and culture has changed. It is much like in the United States. Russian omen are now able to live by themseleves, and are more highly educated and independent. Nowadays, in a modern Russian family, both men and women work while the Russian wife still cooks, cleans and attends to the children and the whole family.

Russian Women Learn to how to get used to the clear and direct communication of Russian women. They are bold, and uninhibited. They would not hesitate to speak frankly. When men date them, they may be uncomfortable in spending most of the time in padding a conversation with idle chat. Instead, they will tell exactly you what they want, or explaining something. Coincidentally, her frank and direct nature will play a great role in helping solving the conflicts within the relationship more quickly.

Russian Social Etiquette

When you have met your dream girl you are bound to visit her. Knowing some basic Russian manners is beneficial to the success of your dating. For example, take off your shoes when you visit Russian family. Don't point your feet at someone. When you are invited to the dinner of her friends, take some little things such as dessert, candy and so on as a gift. Don't send yellow flowers to your girlfriend because yellow flowers in Russian culture mean the end of a relationship. Make the number of flowers and other things an odd number. Even numbers are for the occasions of  funeral.

Russian Dating

Generally speaking, Russian girls are not allowed to date boys until they are 16 years old. When they have reached the age of going to a college, you can see couples go on dates in a lot of places. They have dinner or take part in some events together with their boyfriend. During the process they get to know each other. When a Russian girl is comfortable with and has interest in a guy she is dating she will invite him to meet her family, relatives and friends, and vice versa. When dating you should be sure that they are comfortable. If you can think up some good ideas to please them and make them feel special and important to you, you may marry your dream girl sooner. 

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