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Russian Etiquette Of Sending Gifts

Russian people like sending gifts to each other. They usually give presents to their relatives or friends not only on important occasions but also in the normal visits. It is very useful in promoteing the friendship between both parties. Sending gifts is an institution in Russia and many other countries such as in China. You can send gifts for your single Russian lady at her birthday, Valentine's Day, Charismas Day, New Year Day and so on. In everyday life you have chances to give presents to her, which can aid your dating. There are many Russian taboos which you should take into consideration when selecting presents.

Russian people like odd numbers except the number 13.

They don't like cats.

They don't like yellow or black.

Don't send gifts at the dates which include the number thirteen.

They like flowers and don't send flowers with more than three colors.

Russian Social Etiquette

In Russia shaking hands is the commonest greeting way. When greeting honourable women, gentlemen can kiss the right hand of Russian women. Lovers, wife and husband kiss each other to greet. Relatives and friends can hug or kiss forehead or cheeks when meeting. To meet someone at the first time, you must make telephone calls to pick a time and a place. Generally speaking, you should be on time, not too late and not too early. If you are late, you must apologize.

No matter where you are and what time it is be a gentlemen. Open door for Russian girls and don't make loud voices in public. When you want to smoke, you must ask people around you, especially Russian ladies.. Only with their permission can you smoke.

When meeting Russian people for the first time, don't ask the information about individual privacy such as the age of a woman, the occupation of one's lovers, the household income, etc. It is impolite to poke into other's private life.

How To Behave As a Guest In Russia

If you are invited to dinner, you should prepare some gifts. The gifts can be a bottle of wine, a box of chocolate, and a gift which is the likes of the hostess. Forks are put on the left of your plate while the knife is on the right. Don't make a sound when eating noodles and drinking soup. When finished put the knife and fork on your plate which means you have finished your dinner. When having dinner, don't forget to give a word of compliments to the family such as to the food, the set of plates and so on. It can show your respect and thankfulness.


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