Secret To a Successful Cross-Cultural Relationship

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How to have a happy ending with my partner from the other culture and make it work?

There are some useful tips that can help you get a satisfactory result out of the cross-cultural relationship.

It’s important to find someone who has similar perspectives to yours; someone who has the same willingness to be in a relationship and with similar long-term goals. Couples with two different cultural backgrounds are more likely to experience more difficulties than normal couples do.

> Have a reasonable relationship expectation

It's better to have a reasonable and attainable expectations in a relationship, because you are finding a person here was not raised with the same value system as yourself. Your beliefs, religious, the approach to life are shaped by your own up bringing. So if you seek love in another place, even the simplest elements of life here can be totally different from what you get used. So, please expect that conflicts may occur and you should have a different approach to your relationship here. 

> Better your knowledge of other culture and value

Yet despite the fact that we are living in a globalized world, many countries’ cultural integrity remains largely undamaged, and many people are still sticking to the traditional values and religions very seriously. So, before seriously chatting up with friends from other countries, please read more information about where they are from and have some insight into their culture in order to avoid causing offence. That will make your conversation later on much more satisfying.

> How to deal with language difference

Communication with people from the other side of the globe is an interesting experience, leading you to discover the beauty and mystery of another culture and etiquettes. How to get over the obstacle of language difference? To cope with the immediate barrier, you had better learn some basic greetings and words in his or her own language. This can show your respect to the other's background and leave a good impression. If you are serious about the relationship, you are suggested to learn the language, culture and history of your partner later on.

> Spend time to get to know the person

Be active, and commit to getting to know him or her better! Online dating may be simple and easy to look for different people. But that doesn't mean you should simply sit back and let things happen. By making the decision to date online, you are effectively making a commitment to yourself and you should try to understand his or her life a little more, just like you date a real person in your real life. 

> Use Common Sense

Just like doing other things online, risks exist. It's important to use common sense and exercise your own judgments. Some people will float your boat and some won't. The key thing to remember is that your personal safety is paramount. The vast majority of people are here for the same reasons you are. If you're at all unsure about a person however, then don't take a risk. Or you can contact the customer service team of this site to help you clear any confusion.

> Keep living your life

Finding someone to share your life with is a noble cause and should be treated seriously, but there is no need to let it dominate your life. The happiest relationships are those that stem out of a wish to complement someone's life, rather than act as a crutch. Apart from giving yourself a chance to enjoy the other parts of your life, being happy with yourself will also make you more attractive to others. So while you're looking for your dream lover on this site, don't put your life on hold. Go out with your friends, enjoy your hobbies, learn something new and take care of yourself and your own needs. When the time comes and you find the right person, you will know that you are doing it for the right reasons.

> To conclude

Whether any cross cultural marriage or relationship works or not depends first and foremost on the individual personalities of the people in the relationship, their communication skills, and not on their culture or country. However, culture and country can have an influence on the relationship. Starting a cross cultural relationship with someone from another country can be very exciting. But your relationship must be based on how well you get on with the personality of the individual person concerned, whether there is communication between you, and not the fact that he or she is either beautiful or from a certain country, culture or background.

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February 21st,2011 at 2:55 AM
By Guard Ban | United States
I have a foreign wife. She comes from Thai. When we decided to marry people said we're destined to face a huge culture barrier. Yes, Though we love each other deeply, it's inevitable to have arguments in daily life because of different cultures different background. But overall speaking, we are happy. We know how to tolerate. I think tolerate is the key factor to estabilish a successful Cross-Cultural Relationship. Holp everybody understand..
March 18th,2011 at 8:01 AM
By KIDDy | United States
Cross-cultural Relationship is nothing special for me. Because My parents come from different countries. What's more, my grandparents comes from different countries too. We all live together in a big house, respecting each others' different culture. So live is harmoniously.
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