Say Goodbye to Unsuitable Online Partner

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Anyone who has been on the Internet dating scene knows that it is not that easy to find someone suitable, and it is even hard to say goodbye to the unsuitable ones. If we don’t know how to handle it properly, we may end up using bad date escape tactics, which can be harmful to you. Not sure how to do? Not a bad idea to read some tips for your own reference.

1. End it right away

On the first time you go on a date, and you are clear that the evening is going to be impossible. There is not going to be any connection. Well, then say – end it. But you should have the courage to be kind and honest. It is better than lie or fake an emergency text message. This can be said right away if you think that he or she is ready to accept such ‘nice’ word.

2. Stay put

If he is a nice guy or she is a nice girl but there are no sparks, maybe stay as friends but not romantically. Who knows? Or maybe he or she is a perfect partner for someone else you know.

3. Stick it out

If you are so afraid of hurting someone, what you should do perhaps is to make sure that your companion has a good time as possible on the first date. Maybe you both think that there is no chance for further connection. You should keep in mind that both of you can still be as friends. Or you will run into each other again and it may be a life-changing surprise too.

4. Put it in writing

Too hard to say goodbye on the first date? Why don’t you put it in your writing? Send him or her a message about how you feel, or when you both are online, transfer your thoughts to the message lines. It may be more comfortable for both of you to accept facts there. It is a little better than saying it bluntly.

5. Use a telephone

Some people consider texts are a terrible way to convey messages with negative intention. So, exercise your own judgment, do it at least by telephone if you are too afraid of the face-to-face sharing. It would be rude to cancel a plan or to send a text message.

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