How to write an effective headline

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Some online dating site may ask you writing a headlline to your daing profile. In fact, it can be similar to writing a news headline or any other forms of advertisement. They all got the same purpose - to get attention. So, apply the following rules when writing headlines for your profile.

1. Use the active voice

Effective headlines usually involve logical sentence structure, active voice and strong present-tense verbs. As with any good writing, good headlines are driven by good verbs.

2. Create curiosity

You don’t have to tell who you are right away in the headline. Instead, You can create curiosity by asking a provocative question or making a seemingly outrageous statement. Use your own imagination and create some eye-catching and often amusing headlines. Of course, don’t overuse it.

3. Keep it short

What is the ideal length for titles and headlines? Seven words or less is a good rule of thumb. Shorter headlines are punchier and easier to read. If you need more words to accomplish the job, consider putting them into your paragraph.

4. Specifically target your prospect

You must let the reader, viewer or listener know, right from the start, what's in it for him or her. Who do you want to meet? Who’s your target? It is absolutely right to be honest and direct.

5. State your promise

We all buy the big promise or the result. Get that good and solid through your mind, and think about what you can promise in your another half. It can make a promise for some big benefit, it can make an offer, it can challenge yourself in some way, and see if you can live up to your promises.


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