Online dating: Is that you?

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As almost everyone knows, it is extremely easy to find one to chat and date. I’m talking to a guy or a girl who is extremely attractive. He or she is my dream lover. Is that him or her? It sounds too good to be true. Before you decided to meet your dream lover, please note the following.

When you chat…

He or she may be too perfect

When you first start building a conversation with your potential mate, you may realize that he or she is too good to be true. He looks extremely hot in the picture and she looks like a Hollywood star. Looking at the activities he or she engaged in, there are all activities which keep them busy from work. He’s so upbeat that you cannot resist from dating him out. She’s such an elegant lady and it is impossible for her to find a right boyfriend.

The conversations are so striking!

I find it very easy to speak to him online. And he’s so talkative. With all the emoticons, I think that he is out-going, cute and passionate. Adding up to his attractive appearance and wealth, he is hugely talented, adored by everyone and he has almost become a god. He even said he loved me. What’s wrong?

When you see him / her, it is the reality…

OMG, it is totally different

When you see each other, it leads to a total rupture. Despite how good looking the picture is, the reality is that the display picture on MSN shares nothing in common with the real appearance. He said he’s 6 feet tall but in reality he’s only 5 feet 7. That is too interesting.

Am I talking to the same person as on MSN?

Perhaps the girl you have been talking to online is so attractive and talkative. But when I see her, she’s too shy and didn’t even give me a response. She didn’t even smile. I think that we are not matched fundamentally speaking.

What’s the solution?

When you date someone online but he or she fails to meet your basic expectation, of course, you should exercise your right to reject. Before you meet him or her, you should always have an idea that you need to tolerate and expect whatever you didn’t think of before. In conclusion, don’t fall in love easily when you just had a conversation with him or her on MSN. When you didn’t see him or her yet, you never know what will happen.

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