Online Dating Mistakes You MUST Avoid

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Do you have been finding a date online for a long time but now without any success? Yeah? Well, most likely, you are making the following online dating mistakes that everyone should avoid like a plague:

Mistake #1

"You keep on searching for the PERFECT online dating site."

Let's ask you one thing – if an overweight friend of yours tells you he cannot lose weight because he can't find the perfect fitness gym, what would be your reaction? Most likely, you would stare at him in utter disbelief, shake your head, or even laugh your guts out. It's easy to see that it's NOT the gyms in the area that has the problem. Instead, it all boils down to your friends dedication. The same thing can be said with online dating. If you are NOT dedicated or motivated enough to find the right date for you, no matter how great an online website is–the dating features, the singles in it, and everything in between, would not cut it. Keep this in mind – any website that has all of the basic features (chat functions, email, virtual rooms, profiles, etc.) filled with singles can be the RIGHT site for you. At the end of the day, it's how you use that site that determines your success.

Mistake #2

"I'm great looking, I have a nice paying job, I'm confident – I'm everything that a potential partner could be looking for. I'm a catch and online dating should be piece of cake."

That's s another not so helpful mindset that may be holding you back from succeeding in online dating. Think about it - let's say you are really a catch and if being one makes finding potential partners, one night stands, etc. easy, then you shouldn't be on the online dating site in the first place! Since you won't have problems finding a potential mate, they will flock to you–from your workplace, through mutual friends, and everything in betwen. As you may have realized by now, being a catch isn't the end all and be all dating solution. Matter of fact, you may even be baffled by the men who write to you–those who look like they have been out of jail, just came from a 9 month stay at the hospital, etc. How come the guys you want don't write to you?

Simple–because they think they are great catches, too. And just like you, they have hundreds of options–they may find younger and prettier mates, because he can. So drop that "I'm A Catch" mentality (take your pride or ego down by a notch or two) and stop waiting. It's about time you start messaging and chatting up with the guys or gals that you like. Go for those online daters who are looking for the same thing that you do and you will surely have greater success.

Mistake #3

"You are bombarding that girl or guy you like emails and messages – sending them like 5 emails a day for weeks. Online terrorism!"

This mistake is like the exact opposite of mistake number two. We don't know which of the two mistakes are worse BUT this one definitely makes you look needy–something you want to avoid at all costs whether in online or real life dating. Think about it, would you reply to someone who stalks you online? We don't think so. We bet you would even set your email to filter out and ignore the messages from that guy. When you stalk somebody online with truckloads of emails, believe me, they feel the same and it won't be long before they avoid you like someone who has leprosy…and there goes your chances of getting her out of the window.

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