Advices on Successful Search for a Russian Bride

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Surfing the internet and looking at all the Russian beauties on the sites many western men come to think: “I want a Russian bride!” If you made up your mind to start search for a Russian bride on the numerous dating sites you should learn some very simple rules how to carry on correspondence with Russian girls on dating sites to make the process work and how to order a Russian bride. You start relationship with woman with completely different background, and you should be very clear and precise in your letters to avoid misunderstanding.

So, how to order a Russian bride? Registration on a Russian dating site starts with creating your profile. Make it as friendly and nice as possible. Put some recent pictures of yourself where you are looking well, doing sports, or at your working place. Don’t put very personal details on your profile as your monthly income or views on having kids. You can tell that later in the letters.

Do not use complex grammar constructions or slang expressions in your messages to Russian ladies. Although they use help of interpreters, they may mistranslate something and that won’t contribute to your correspondence. Use common literary words, and don’t be dry in your narration, you’ll rise in Russian lady’s opinion if your letter makes her laugh.

Ask questions in your messages, to show your interest in girl’s life, and do not neglect her questions as well. Check up Russian calendar of holidays to get acquainted with her culture and to congratulate her on time. She will definitely appreciate your familiarity with her country’s life. Pay attention to small details of her letters and then recall them – she will understand that you are really interested in her. If she has some hobby, like taking pictures or painting, ask her to send you some of her creations. Be generous in making compliments! Commend her profile and pictures, her way of expressing thoughts in letters. Russian girls are not spoilt by compliments but they surely deserve them.

You’d better not give out all personal details at once. Thus you make yourself easy meat for on-line dating scammers and make your correspondence a bit monotone.

Be honest and open in your letters, underline clearly your likes and dislikes. The more you discuss in your letters the fewer arguing you’ll have in future. Discuss your views on principal issues such as family, children, roles of husband and wife.

In the process of search for a Russian bride some men become serial daters – they can’t concentrate on the relationship with the lady they like, instead they write to more and more girls. They begin to regard online dating not as a road to happy family life but as a kind of sports game where quantity is important. Their initial desire: ”I want a Russian bride!” turns into constant chase of young Russian girls. Do not forget about your aims to maintain strong relationship not to become serial dater. If you want just to flirt and have fun it is not out-of-the-way, just state it in your profile to avoid disappointment and misunderstanding.

No matter how nice and romantic you are in your letter there’s one small mistake that may ruin everything. This is placing wrong name in the end of the letter or in the beginning. For example a guy writes a letter to Elena and says “Hello beautiful Irena!” Be very attentive writing letters as such mistakes will cause nothing but alienation and break-up of your correspondence.

We're sure these simple tips will help your to develop interesting and frank correspondence with a Russian lady that will lead to long-lasting romantic relationship.

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