Several Ways to Tell If A Girl Likes You


How to attract women is always the hot topic among men. After dating, especially the first date,they usually want to know how the girls feel about them. Are they attractive to the girls? At this very moment, they are keen to know if there are some signs to show if the girls are interested in them or not. Actually, there are real indicators.

Ways to tell she is interested in you

1) The girl giggles at you and likes teasing you.

Well, congratulations if you come across such a reaction from the lady. As only as she is interested in you, she will do such things so as to catch  your attention.Otherwise, she will keep distance from you if she dislikes you.

2) She shows warm smile at you whatever you said.

It is very easy to understand why she does so. That is because she wants you to only remember her beauty.

3) She slight touches you.

If a girls likes a man, she cannot help having a physical touch with him because she considers such behaviour intimate.

4) She keeps a fierce eye contact on you.

This is a very obvious sign to show that she is passionate at you. Similar to men, girls cannot distract the eyesight from the man of her fitness. She doesn't do that deliberately. It is an instinct reaction.

5) She kisses you early in the interaction.

Such is frequently seen on the open ladies who can not hold the ecstasy when she saw a man of her kind.

Ways to tell she dislikes you

Suppose a woman is not interested in you, she will do the following things below.

1) Completely ignore you.

You should know that if a women doesn't like you,she has no concern on whatever you do. If so, you have no need to waste your time on her. Just go away and find another girl who is passionate on you.

2) Show her impatience during the dating time.

If a girl tells you that she wants to go home earlier since there are something urgent to do. Well, do not believe in her. Whatever she said is just an excuse. Let it be. Maybe you can still leave a good impression in her mind and keep your gentleman demeanour.

3) Act rudely towards you.

To see from the perspective of girls, they are always shy and nervous when meeting their dreamed men. The purpose is to leave a good impression, striving a chance for further development.

4) Her friends get involved into the date, for interference.

If a girl acts like this way, it shows that she is not interested in you and doesn't what to do about you; therefore she invites her friends so as to find a help.

If you want to date a girl effectively, you should carefully watch what she is doing and saying. Above tips can definitely help you clearly see a girl through.

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September 7th,2012 at 9:53 PM
By Szymon | Mauritania
1 dont' take it too hard2- dont' lie to impress or look exlcelent, lie will get caught and it will do more hurt than you reckon it will do.3- make sure it's one girl at a time.4- know how soon you should start dating after a break down5- dont' goto your ex try to remember why they are your EX.6- Best Dates are the ones in which the other party talks, and you Listen, and i dont' mean you go silent but , question the right questions.
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