Why Are Thai Women So Popular

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It is definitely a truth that Thai women are enjoying a great popularity in modern online dating market. They're now the first considerations of the western men who are looking for life-long companions. Then, what makes Thai ladies so popular? I think it can be all ascribed to the following reasons.


First and foremost, Thai women appeal men by unique beauty and sexiness.

With long black hair, slim and petite body as well as brown almond-shaped eyes, Thai girls take on a unique look which makes them irresistibly charming. In the eyes of most men, they are the epitome of sexuality and femininity. This is one of the main reasons making Thai women stand out beyond others in the dating market because men always love beautiful things, especially those coming with sexual beauty.

Secondly, Thai wives cater to the needs and feeling of their husbands at any time.


 It is another reason why western men like to choose Thai ladies as life-long companions. Different from the open-minded western women, Thai ladies still firmly stick to the old tradition even though they are living in the twenty-first century, an era advocating the independence of women. For Thai wives, husbands are their only dependence. Whatever they do, thai wives usually take priority to ask the permission of their husbands and always cater to their needs and feelings. From a certain perspective, such a behavior of Thai women greatly meet the vanity of men.

Thirdly, Thai women are the perfect outgoing companions with high politeness and grace.


 With an open mind, western women usually hold such an attitude that the modern women should stand side by side with men. Therefore, it is very common to see a western girl cursing or acting impolitely since she is really keen to act like a man. However, such a phenomenon would never be seen on Thai ladies because they are raised to be always polite and graceful. Wherever they are, they always know how to act elegantly. Thus, western men usually get along well with Thai girls, To reach a family harmony in future life, western men are willing to find a Thai wife.


Fourthly, Thai women always put family at the first place.


 Men have a prejudice in selecting a wife who is home-oriented, namely, taking home as the most important thing. And Thai women are definitely of such a kind. According to what I know, Thai wife would never give up the family whatever happens. Therefore, the western man who marries a Thai lady has no need to worry that he and his family members would someday be abandoned. Oppositely, she does her best to protect home and family members. She manage the home so well that the husband can completely devote himself to his career without any burden. Thus, you're lucky if you marry a Thai women.

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April 10th,2012 at 10:09 AM
By Kazuyo | Kenya
Have you ever seen RENT? The big, black gay man was dating a cross-dresser.They don't date women cause they don't like women . Maybe the fmlaee anatomy disgusts them (that's what one gay guy told me). Maybe they just like the femininity of the other man but still like the fact that he IS still a man.
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