Are you sure you want to date?

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We live in the world which Internet dating is considered a legitimate way of meeting new people in the endless search for the right person. It plays such a positive part in so many people's lives. Since it‘s easy access to a new relationship, sometimes we forget why we’re here. So, are you sure you want to date?

Meeting people online definitely has its darker side. Because of its easy access to other profiles, you can say “hi” to people, without making a commitment, or even saying a “bye”. Feeling is just like come and go. If you don’t value the chance to meet your new friends, it can become an endless search.

Among the casualties of relationships blamed on online dating is cheating. Internet dating is one of the easiest places for someone to cheat on their spouse or significant other, or to use the Internet dating area as a place for promiscuity. Get a secret email address, create a persona, and have a cell phone, that’s it!!!

Internet dating has understandably become popular in the world as more and more people realize the benefits it can bring in terms of meeting other singles, like-minded person as well as the compatible ones which cannot be found anywhere else. Keeping in mind that to grow any relationship, you have to give a little to get a little. With little common sense, you should be able to avoid that “one bad apple”.

Are you the desperate type? Some common scene for the online daters is that they fail in their previous relationship and would like to hurry up to find a new one. Some singletons might simply treat it as a bar or a club of single people that they would like to get contacts from those they think they might be attracted to. It is definitely fine to meet new people. But the thing is – when you enter the online dating world, take it slowly. Don’t rush. There are many types of relationship you can look for on the Internet. From friendship to casual date, Think it over what you are looking for now?

1. Serious relationship

A serious relationship is characterized by the intention of two people involved to keep the relationship going on as long as they live. It may not be that they agree to marry but at least, there should be signs showing that both are willing to make a commitment and would like to live the life as a non-temporary one.

2. Casual dating

Usually open-minded individuals will refer “casual dating” as enjoying non-committal yet fulfilling relationships at everybody’s benefit and to no one’s harm. So, there are signs showing you that he or she is not interested in building a long-term future with you. If people are in the cycle of casual dating, it is easy for them to hook up with others and then leave.

3. Open relationship

In modern online dating world, an open relationship can be defined as a relationship in which the individuals are free to have emotional, spiritual and/or physical relationships with others. Very often, it is usually within mutually agreed limits.

4. Friendship

Obviously, friendship is simply friendship. It can happen everywhere. This relationship is cooperative and supportive. Friendship is comfortable and relaxed. Friendship can be very in-depth, even more than your intimate lover. But however, one thing is for sure – pure friendship must have limits which do not exist in an intimate couple in general.

5. Others

There are many other types of relationship human wants to get involved. For example, seeking an affair in your current relationship or being involved in a three-person relationship can be some types of relationships people nowadays want. We can’t judge whether it is right or wrong. But as a general advice, it is not common for people to get involved in these types of relationships. And these types of relationship can be more risky than a general one.

Realistically, it shouldn't matter where or how you meet people, just as long as you do! You may or may not meet your perfect match online. You may meet new people and most probably make some great friends along the way. Keeping an open mind and not having too high expectations of finding your perfect partner is the best approach. And remember, do not make any commitment to others before you deeply think that you are serious about the person you like.


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February 18th,2011 at 8:18 AM
By willia cummin | United States
I am a programmer. The working environment makes me lack of chance to know girls. As online dating is popular day by day now, I am confusing whether I should find a girl friend from web. But there's problem too. Poor man can be reach, fat women can be slim, ugly women can be beautiful throught forged profile on internet.Date or not Date? It's a problem. Don't force yourself. Let it be..
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