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Chatroom Dating is one of the original ancestors of the online dating service. Chatrooms are really a great place to meet potential friends, and perhaps a potential partner. At Chatroom you don't have to dress up and pass visual inspection to go there and enjoy some great conversations. Here are some tips to help you out when using chatrooms.


Protect your identity

If you want total control of the information that is revealed to the world through chatrooms, don't use your personal or your work-related email. You should sign up for an email account specifically to use for chatting online like Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail. If the chatroom you like to use has a profile link, be sure to keep the information you provide generic, like just your age and gender.

Don't reveal private information

Be careful about the information you give in casual conversation. Don't give any hint of your work place, your home town or other personal info that can be linked to where you come from. It is vital that you use common sense when using a chatroom. If someone spent two weeks in a chatroom and wrote down everything you said, how easy would it be for them to identify you? Be careful never to reveal too many details about yourself.

Listen to your head

Use your common sense and judgment. If someone sounds creepy or a bit dodgey, there's a good chance they are. If someone's flirting is getting a bit out of hand for your liking, then speak up or change your email address and nickname.


Be honest

If you want people to be open and honest with you, you must also do the same. You don't have to go into personal details but don't pretend to be someone your not, otherwise you will only attract the people that are looking for the type of person you are pretending to be. It's much easier to always be open than to try and cover up (or even remember) all of your lies.

Don't fake photos

If you decide to swap pictures, send a current picture which is flattering, but doesn't hide or distort your true appearance. Misleading pictures are probably the leading cause of disappointments in relationships that start on the Internet. Whatever you do, make sure that you give a photo of you and not someone else or you`ll never be able to meet the person because they'll think you are someone else.

Develop common activities

If you've hit it off with a potential date, then start by making dates with eachother to share online activities, like playing online games or sharing a forum. Talk about how long you expect to communicate online before meeting. Make sure you feel comfortable with a person before even considering a meeting.

Don't expect to much

Remember that you are using a chatroom, so you have no idea what this people really look like or what their personality is like. Be careful about building mental images of people because if you ever proceed to a meeting (or picture exchange) stage, you will likely feel disappointed because the person doesn't live up to the mental image you created. Keep an open mind and you won't be disappointed.

Online dating services are the preferred method of meeting people. However, chatrooms have always been a popular venue for getting to know others and eventually meeting people you've developed friendships with while chatting. If this is your case, then be sure to always use common sense. Stay alert, safe, and enjoy your opportunity to make new friendships or potential relationships.

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Haha. I woke up down today. You've ceheerd me up!
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