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If you are tired of not meeting people or meeting the wrong type of people, then perhaps online dating is the answer you need.  You can choose a online dating site that suit you best, and then go through a process of creating a profile, posting a photograph, and setting up your account so you can begin the process of browsing. When done right, your chances of meeting other single people is good.  However, just as online dating is advantageous it can also lead to disaster if not done properly. For example, sometimes people use unsuitable expressions that immediately turn people off.  In this article, we have provided some of those expressions that simply do not work.

1.“I’m so glad you had the opportunity to meet me” – Although intended to be funny, this phrase comes across as immature and rude. In truth, it should be the other way around that you are glad you had the opportunity to meet the other person. You want to avoid making yourself appear conceited, which is exactly what this particular phrase does. Therefore, leave this phrase to the losers, giving you a better chance of meeting someone special.

2.“I can offer you everything you ever wanted” – Okay, this sounds nice but think about it for a minute. First, you do not REALLY know the person to whom you are communicating so how can you make such a significant promise. Second, to the individual on the receiving end, it could come off one of two ways. The statement may sound possessive, almost father-like or it might make the person believe that you are wealthy or something that perhaps you are not. For this reason, be careful about huge promises until way later in the game.

3.“My ex was such a horrible person” – While this might be possible, it is best to leave your baggage behind. When someone online begins dissing an ex-spouse, it comes across as that person not yet getting over a nasty split or divorce. No matter what your relationship with your ex-spouse, leave it out of your profile. The truth, no one wants an individual with relationship baggage.

4.“If you want to know something about me, ask” – Why not make things easier and more interesting by offering information. Typically, people want a general understanding of someone to determine if there is even any interest. If they have to start forming questions, they will pass to someone with a good profile.

5. About Sex... – expressions that steer toward sex are leading to dangerous ground. Okay, sex is a great thing but not on an online dating site and certainly not said to someone that you do not even know. If you want to talk about sex, make sure this too is later in the process.

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April 25th,2011 at 6:56 AM
By Hella | Canada
All in all, I think the No.1 killer of online dating is self-centered. People who only care themselves are selfish. Everything they said and done are just for their own interests. Do you want to date with a guy who is always talking his things,being ignorant of your feeling? Of course NO.
September 13th,2011 at 2:55 AM
By Destrie | Puerto Rico
Begun, the great itenrent education has.
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