For Single Moms: How to Start Dating Again

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If you think dating in teens and twenties is hard, just try dating at any age when you have kids and became a single mom! But that doesn't mean it's all bad news for a single mom's dating. Here are some idea and information to make the experience as productive -- and painless -- as possible.

1. Go Online

According to dating experts' research, online dating sites offer single moms a great venue to put themselves back out in the dating market. And the fact that it can be done during naps, school time, or late at night, accompanied by a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine makes it pretty time effective, too! Find online dating site suitable for single mom

2. Enlist Your Married Friends to Help You Find Love

Whether it's inviting you to an old-fashioned dinner party or helping you set up your online dating profile, we believe married friends are the perfect people to help you do something on behalf of your romantic future. It's easy to lose your nerve or just want to go relax after work, but if you enlist your friends in your romantic quest, they won't let you off the hook that easily. And don't let them off the hook either. When pressed, people know many more eligible people than they think they do!

3. Learn More About Yourself, and What You Need in Love

If you've been out of the dating world for a long time, it's important to take some time and get to know yourself and your needs better. Learning more about yourself will help you get a greater understanding of what you want at this stage of your life and with whom you'd ultimately share compatibility.

4. Develop a Dating Action Plan

Single moms should take consistent action towards their goal of meeting someone. They should make it a point to get childcare once or twice a week, during which time they should attend singles events or set up online dates. They should also put the word out to everyone they know that they're ready to find a great mate.

5. Look for Other Single Moms to Lend Support

We advise single moms to create their very own single mom support network. Attending single events together and trading off sharing babysitting duties will give them an opportunity to not only go out more often, but will also help them stay focused on their romance goals.

6. Talk to your child

If your kids are old enough, it's important to let them know that even though you go out sometimes to meet friends, you are always available by phone and they are still your priority. Single moms should only introduce their child to dates when it becomes exclusive and serious. Otherwise it can become confusing for a child to have a carousel of potential suitors to meet and they may get attached and disappointed when it does not work out.

7. Like Minds

Some single moms find it simpler to only date other parents -- he knows the drill, understand the commitment of time and energy that is required, and won't be wanting or expecting to be with you every moment -- he has his own kids to attend to. (And if he has kids and doesn't attend to them in a manner up to your standards... well, you've just saved yourself a lot of time and heartbreak by realizing that now.)

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May 18th,2011 at 6:37 AM
By SIngle Mother | Australia
I divorced with my ex 2 years ago. After, I suffered great distress when trying to make a new boyfriend. Though my children encourage me to find a new husband, I still don't know wether I should begin a new trip. Maybe I suffered too much from past experience and lost confidence.
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