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Depending on which poll that is cited or which article that is read it is said that anywhere from 20 to 35% of new relationships are starting up from an online connection. That is a huge number and indicates that online dating and online dating matchmaking sites have reached high levels of acceptance in the general public.

In addition to these high rates of acceptance are good levels of success as well. While it is clear that many factors will come into play in determining a successful match and long term relationship, the ability to search for and screen potential dates based on similar interests and values is a primary contributor to this success rate. With many sites available ranging from broad based general population targeted sites to smaller niche sites that attempt to reach more targeted age ranges, interests, and numerous other criteria the choice is amazing.

One of the most popular dating sites on the web boasts of the fact that around 5% of the new marriages occurring are related to relationships that were started on their site. This is further social proof of the success of online dating as an option to find a match.

If you are looking for a potential mate, or even if not for someone to get married to yet, but someone to date, then looking into the online dating waters is a good way to get started. After introductions and setups from friends and family, online is next in line in terms of finding a match.

Some people are a little nervous about getting started up with a dating site and even feel intimidated by the process. That is the type of lack of action that will stop any progress and not even let anything possibly happen that would be good. Even if someone isn’t quite ready to go and post a public profile with picture and a long description, they can still sign up and browse around before they add a picture and load up a long biography of themselves. This can give time for a comfort level to set in with the site.

After getting in and looking around, maybe someone they have found will inspire them to post their own information and look for a match.


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September 19th,2011 at 8:01 AM
By Koyie | France
And to think I was going to talk to seomone in person about this.
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