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Are you making a long distance connection online? Are you and your loved one separated right now? It can be a challenge to keep the love alive. Now try some of these tips below to let your sweetie know just how much you care.

Tip #1: Remain the chemistry.

Since face-to-face time with your interest is limited, the best way to build a burning long distance connection is to continue communicating via voice, video chat or text. Get to know him/her by asking questions about his/her life, including his/her hobbies, interests, work, friends and family. Share the details of your life as well and don't shy away from showing your true personality.

Tip #2: Read between the lines.

Body language is an important component to any personal relationship. What we don't say often shows through our body language–our eyes, our movements and gestures. But for the long distance relationship, you may have only met your loved one once or a few times in person, so most of your communication will happen absent of visible body language. The best you can do while apart is to read between the lines. Notice the way in which he phrases words or the inflection of his/her voice on the phone. Tune into his/her mood as well as what he's trying to communicate.

It's much more difficult to gauge a person's interest or assess their emotions from behind a computer screen or mobile phone. Things can easily get misconstrued or may simply go unnoticed. Video chat as mush as possible. If something solicits an emotional reaction from you, ask him to clarify before jumping to conclusions. Text and chat may help push the conversation forward, but they leave emotion and inflection behind.

Tip #3: Be patient. Crawl before you pack up.

Long distance relationships are easier to start than they are to maintain, especially if the relationship isn't well established—enough so where the idea of a future together outweighs the strain of being apart temporarily. Take your time getting to know him/her. Discuss future plans, but don't move too quickly. Remember, person-to-person energy is far different than technology-based communication. So, be sure about direction of your relationship before uprooting your life and making long-term plans.

Tip #4: Physical contact.

You're probably wondering–how can you have physical contact if your loved one live on opposite sides of the globe? Sure, you may not be able to touch each other. But when you send her an object, and she touches it–it activates his/her sense of touch. Email is great because it's instant. But when you want to touch someone's heart, snail mail is where it's at. Your own handwriting expresses so much more than any computer font. And you can clip pictures, photos, drawings…you can even burn a DVD with music or videos. Gifts and flowers are also touching and can brighten those lonely long distance days

Tip #5: Anticipation.

We believe you don't want the long distance relationship to last forever, so there is some kind of end date that you can anticipate. Looking forward to that ending is one of the easiest ways to shorten the distance instantly. Some people like to count down the number of days left until they meet each other. You can create a countdown with big sheets of paper, then each day, you gleefully ripped another page to shreds and moved one step closer to a joyous meeting. Imagine when you told your loved one exactly how many days it would be until you saw each other next, he/she must know you really love him/her.

Tip #6: Enjoy the process.

Long distance relationships are difficult, but they can work for an extended amount of time. Enjoy the process of getting to know each other. Be creative with the ways you can interact. The most successful relationships are ones where both individuals are take time to improve their own lives. The future is unknown to anyone. So, enjoy creating whatever comes next.

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July 12th,2011 at 5:51 AM
By Windy | United States
How to maintain a long-term relationship? More and more people divorced for distance's problem, according to a recent research in US. Of course most of couples are reluctant to live separately. My advice for long distance relationship is to understand of each other. And don't forget to give surprise to him/her.
September 13th,2011 at 12:51 PM
By Henrietta | Kuwait
Alirght alright alright that's exactly what I needed!
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