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What's a tell tail that a man is absolutely your cup of tea? - This is a question what every girl want to know the answer. When he gives you flowers? Or when he stays at your home every night for a 7 days straight? Actually, We would say, none of them! If you'd like to be sure you're not fooling yourself when you think the two of you happy as a couple in the future, try to look at all the little things he does. Dont worry to much about the big showy gestures. Here are the ten most noticeable signs that he is very serious about your relationship together.

He's Nice to Your Friends

From the moment he met your friends he made an effort to remember all their names, and let everyone know about his effort as he called each of your friends by their correct names. Shows effort. Now that you've been dating for a little bit of time, he's considered one of the gang in your social circle. He talks to your friends about everything and anything.

His Friends Know All About You

When his friends know all about you, and it's not just body talk. They know details, like what you wear, what you do for a living, that you love mexican food and that you cant eat chinese without msg. Most of this guys friends will probably not be probing deeply into these sorts of details, this comes from him bragging to his friends about you every chance he gets.

He Calls for No Reason

There are many kinds of details that give away the tell tail signs for this kind of call, let's look at them! He misses you, he is falling head over heels for you, and he can't go one more second without hearing your voice. When your talking, your important, he ignores all incoming calls. Give him extra points for thoughtfulness if he calls you and is caring enough to realize you can't chat.

He Pays Attention to Every Word

When you're in the middle a conversation at a restaurant, he doesn't play with the fork ignoring you, and he is not distracted by the conversations happening around you. He doesn't dominate the conversation, finishing your words, before they come out of your mouth, and there is none of this taking the conversation in a new direction while your speaking of something that is important to you. There is genuine listening going on here! Pay attention to these details.

He Meets you on Time

When he says he's going to be somewhere at 8:00 p.m., he's never more than a few minutes late, if that at all. And on the unlikly moment he is held up, he pays you the respect of calling you. This kind of courtesy might seem an insignificant thing at times, but it speaks tons about his desire and respectful attitude towards you. It shows that he cares about what you think of him, and of course anyone who thinks like this is making sure that you know he is willing to extend that courtesy at a moments notice.

He Takes an Interest in Your Interests

When someone starts to take a serious notice of your likes and dislikes, as well as makes an effort to do, or avoid, your likes and dislikes, you know you have found someone that is interested in you. If your hobby is collecting shoes, he'll have the well respected manners to feign disdain when you spend all day scouring shoe shops. Don't worry, he's not becoming a yes man in any sort of way, he is simply putting in effort to try and get closer to you.

He Asks for Your Opinion

In just about every turn on and off of your dates, he is looking to you for an opinion. Everything from which shirt to wear to an important meeting, to which kind of computer he should buy, he actively seeks out YOUR opinion.

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September 19th,2011 at 6:22 AM
By Lillah | Germany
I have been so bewliedred in the past but now it all makes sense!
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