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Usually a profile with very good pictures can attract most men. But quite the opposite, women love reading profiles with lot of good words. So, if you don’t know how to write a profile, please read some top tips here which you can improve attentions from others right away.

1. Write in a positive way

It is your personal ads, your chance to sell yourself. There is no way you should be negative about it. It is the place for you to highlight the best of you, so write it with good will. Try to sound upbeat, approachable and friendly in the tone of your writing.

Avoid speaking things related to your previous relationships. That will show your weakness at the very first beginning. You may leave this information later on in your communication.


2. Be concise and direct

Most important, good writing is writing that succeeds in communicating. So will you communicate well with your audience (in this case, that is your future someone)? It is totally fine for not being able to write beautiful and difficult words in your profile. General rule is – Write so people will understand what you mean. To do that you must be concise and direct in both style and content. Avoid jolly-long winded essay, as there are too many people looking for a date on the net, and not many of them have the patience to read a long one.


3. Talk about what you like in your soulmate

An important part of tailoring your profile consists of what kind of person you would like to meet. Though everyone is unique, there are certain types of people you’d like to make friends with or you’d like to spend time with. It can be the personalities, interests, habits, religions, place where they live, etc.


4. Mention a bit about your future plans

You may not have a clear idea about what choice of content should be appeared in the profile. Well, as the rule of thumb, we love people who are ambitious and have a clear goal in the future. Then, think about it. What are you going to do in your life, work, the place you live or your relationship status? Do you have a plan yet? If not, then plan it and write it in your profile.


5. Your uniqueness

Given the fact that there are too many people in this world, it may be difficult for you to attract daters on the net as well. Now, spend some time and think about what the unique qualities you have. That can be your job, your hobbies, what you like, what you don’t like, your personalities, etc. Sometimes, it is hard to define what your uniqueness is.


6. Be honest

Some will lie about who they really are when they meet others online. But think about it, is everyone perfect in this world? If two people are going together later, you must be honest to each other too. So, be honest, and tell your partner who you are.


7. Your jobs

Perhaps you are doing a glamorous job, like a lawyer, a doctor, etc. Or maybe you do your own business. Whatever your industry is, it is good to say a little bit about your job. You may like it or hate it. But it doesn’t matter. Still, there is always a good entry point for both of you to start the conversation.


8. Your life

Have you ever thought about the ultimate expression of your life? So, what constitutes your life? How do you want it to be constituted? What for you would be a good life? There are many aspects in your life, including friendship, religion, family, career, etc. There are many virtues and values in your life. So, tell others what you value most, which can be your life's greatest expressions.


9. What you see in another half

Allow yourself to have a basic requirement of your love. It’s because there are too many people using the online dating sites to search. If you want to save time by filtering those who didn’t meet the requirements, you better state your requirement in your personal ad, in a tactful way.


10. Be confident, and go!

Before you submit your profile, proofread, check the spelling and wordings carefully. Allow yourself to spend 30 minutes for the proofreading work. Don’t’ get stuck at it, and then be confident, and click on the submit button. Your profile can be attracted to certain people, and they may be your like-minded friends. Be confidence in yourself!

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February 18th,2011 at 8:20 AM
By Daisy | Belgium
Good posting. Thanks. In recent days I registered a dating site and meet my ideal man. I am going to be his penfriend but I lack of these experience. I don't know which photo to send and what to write, being afraid that somethine unappropriate thing will offend him. So I am now browsing some dating tips. This post give me good suggestion.
April 1st,2011 at 3:30 AM
By Princess syndrome | Russia
I don't like the stupid people who write something seems humorous but in fact dull. And I guess they think they have accomplished a masterpiece. All these make me sick.
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