Online Dating - Avoid the Following Bad dating habits

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Many people think that following dating habits are not very good. Avoid them!

1. Building Intimacy but not commitment

Internet dating can enable you to deepen intimacy without defining a level of commitment. Given that there are thousands of online dating sites featuring million members, you won’t find it difficult to hook up with someone, and build intimacy with someone quickly. Of course, if both are fine for the emotional and even physical benefits of intimacy, there is pleasure. But in many cases, an intimate relationship should be a beautiful experience that we all human in general want to enjoy, and should come from commitment-based love.

2. Endless search of potential partners with unrealistic requirement

Everyone has certain dreams in their potential dates. But are you convinced that you can find him or her who is unrealistically perfect? Do you think you have to find this person in your life? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then chances are very high that you will keep using the online dating sites for years. Then, please think about the time you would spend on these websites, as well as how it affects your life emotionally. So, beware of the dangers when you set your requirement in your heart.

3. Using chat room as a dating heaven

There are millions of chat rooms aimed at singletons who would like to quickly hook up new friends. It is free, quick and easy to use. So, a lot of online daters chose chat rooms instead of dating sites, saving bucks while enjoying more benefits. However, research found that it is more likely that people become targets of online sex predators by using chat rooms instead of dating websites. It is even more dangerous for them to use chat room if they want to find a sincere friend. Of course, it is easy to find people there. But it is not always successful to find a long-term and committed one.

4. Using dating site as an escape

It can well be that you have a number of great friends around you, and you have a very good supporting network, like your friends, family, colleagues. And everyone is convinced that you can find a great friend or partner in your own network and you don’t really need to find people on the Internet. Dating sites can help you seek romance, build relationships and escape loneliness. Check your reality and see what the problem is first. If you want to build a healthy relationship from the net, you must first figure out the existing problem you have right now.

5. Try to be someone you’re not

It is a usual habit for many online daters to try to act like someone but they are not. We all know that we try very hard to impress people and it is especially the real case for many online dating sites users. However, it is not that you brag to win over another person. After all, when you both are together, you have to be honest. So, tell them the truth and authentic and let the real you come out.

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March 18th,2011 at 7:36 AM
By MONEY | United States
In man's opinion, maybe salary is the most sensitive question in online dating. But now most ladies from poor countries put salary as no.1 position when seeking a husband online. It's realistic but true. I don't mean I have no money here. But I think it's a bad habit to ask man's salary in first dating.
January 23rd,2012 at 11:11 AM
By Ruth | Afghanistan
Lots of helpful information. I have bookmarked your site.
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